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Safe and trusted.

Nepal is still an unknown holiday destination for many people. It is therefore important to keep you well informed about safety in that country.

Wacalea Travel has been visiting Nepal for more than 10 years. We have lived there ourselves, have been on vacation, both as a “single” and as a group. We have made study trips with regard to the trips we offer. To travel safe and reliable in Nepal is experienced by us and we think it is also important for our travelers.

In general, Nepal is a safe country to travel. Even if you travel alone. The population is friendly and helpful. We do not close our eyes to the fact that there is also crime in Nepal and that not everyone is to trust in the world of tourism. In this, Nepal does not differ from all other holiday destinations in the world.

If you go to Nepal with Wacalea Travel, you will use our Security facilities in Nepal.

This means that:

  • We personally know all the owners of the accomodations and transportation that we offer. They work together with Wacalea Travel and you can approach them for tips and advice.
  • We have personal experience with all our guides. We have worked with them and know the level and enthusiasm of their work.
  • Wacalea Travel is available (by mail and telephone) in case of emergency.
  • In case of acute problems in Nepal such as health, safety, conflict or threat, we have contact persons in Nepal in Kathmandu and Pokhara to assist and support you. Before you travel, you will receive their contactdetails.
  • If medical assistance is necessary, our contact persons or we will refer you to a reliable clinic or hospital, based on experience and Western standards.
  • Wacalea Travel is affiliated with GGTO (Guarantee Fund for Specialized Tour Operators). This means that as a traveler you have the guarantee that you will get the money you have paid back, if Wacalea would become incapable financially.  

We wish you a safe journey to Nepal and hope that you feel at home and welcome at this wonderful travel destination.