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Mind & Health Homestay: 14 days

Travel to Nepal with yoga classes, a visit to the Kathmandu valley, a monastery and a yoga retreat.

Price: 389,10 per person (based on 2 persons)

Including a donation of 34,43 euro to projects in Nepal of the Wacalea Foundation.

Price: 444,60 per person (based on 1 person)

Including a donation of 37,05 euro to projects in Nepal of the Wacalea Foundation.


Day 1: This is your first day of traveling to Kathmandu.

Day 2: Arrival at the accommodation in Kathmandu.

Day 3: Free roaming in Kathmandu and the first Yoga class **

Day 4: Free roaming in Kathmandu and the second Yoga class **

Day 5: Through beautiful scenery you will walk to a monastery where you will spend the night. That night you will join the monks for dinner.

Day 6: You are welcomed to join the monks in their morning rituals. Then after breakfast you will travel back to Kathmandu.

Day 7: Free roaming in Kathmandu and you will follow a  Yoga class **

Day 8 till 12: You will follow a Yoga retreat including daily: 2 yoga sessions, a hike, Nasal-cleaning, and three homegrown organic meals.

Day 13: You will travel back to Kathmandu where you will spend your last day.

Day 14: Your programme with Wacalea Travel has ended.

** On one of these days you will be invited to meet some locals

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